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DJ / Promotoer

DJ / Promotoer

We hired DJ Blush for our wedding, knowing she had an encyclopedic knowledge of music (especially that good Motown) and the bangers from the ‘aughts you scream sing into your friends’ faces).


She had everyone dancing like crazy, took the requests all the aunts made and generally went above and beyond in terms of ensuring sound and vibe was always on point.


Don’t sleep on this angel with the good bangs; she makes your party!



I have employed DJ Blush multiple times for corporate events as well as recommended her countless times for affiliated corporate and private events.


First, getting to know her as a reputable DJ in the vintage community – but then soon realized her repertoire extended well beyond any one genre! 


Toronto Vintage Society

Because there ain’t no party like a DJ Blush party!


From the mic to the decks she is a mover and shaker who will make you dance like nobody’s watching (but everyone is and they’re digging your moves).


Toronto/Osaka based DJ

In this day and age, anyone with an iTunes account can call themselves a DJ. They'd of course be wrong – it's more than just having tracks

on queue.


It's working the crowd, knowing which vibes to push; even in the face of clueless customers making personal requests that just don't fit the mood.

I've seen DJ Blush work the room, putting the party vibe above individual influencer requests.


That's real professionalism, and love of her craft. It's something most DJ's are severely lacking these days.


Professional Security

Budweiser Stage, Toronto

DJ Biush plays all the songs you didn’t know you needed to hear. Incredible selections equally matched by her passion and positivity.


She was a key player in making this pandemic manageable. One of the great Toronto DJs and an all around great person.


DJ / Host 


Blush is the best! Eclectic selections and worlds of knowledge about music. Always getting the party started.


I love working with her and will forever go to bat for her. If you have a need to dance, DJ Blush has got you!


DJ / Promotoer

Night Moves

I’ve seen DJ Blush spin for nearly a decade now in Toronto. She spins a wide spectrum of music all done with a deep knowledge, taste and class. She knows how to work a room, engage with her crowd and is lovely to deal with. That’s just her club nights.


In terms of booking private events, I’ve recommended her numerous times to people who have approached me for suggestions. Her genuine love of music and professionalism is unmatched. Hire DJ Blush. Go to her parties.


DJ / Host / Promoter

One of the best DJ’s in Toronto hands down! Plays all the music I want to hear and then some! And on top of that, she’s the most down to earth, coolest cat out there!




YouTube Host / DJ

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